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Karl Heusner Biography

Biographic Notes on Dr. Karl Heusner, patron of the"Karl Heusner Memorial Hopsital" (KHMH).

When I was an intern at ISCR, one of my task was to write a brief historical description of the KHMH. I decided to make a visit to the Hospital and gather some information on how the hospital came into being and get a description of the facilities. The public relations officer was too busy to have met with me. I waited for at least 2 hours then decided to head out.

During my visit there, I decided to write down word for word an informational caption below a picture of Karl Heusner  which is posted in the Waiting Hall.
I found out that Karl Heusner was a Belizean doctor who was honored in the renaming of the new Belize City Hospital in 1995. 

Here's a transcription of the information at the KHMH:

Dr. Karl Heusner was born in Belize in 1872 to German immigrant parents. He served the people of Belize for 63 years from his clinic on Regent Street, making calls by bicycles, horse and buggy …

The Road to Independence Ebook

Inside: The Road to Independence While Europe struggled through the Dark Ages, the Maya developed a great civilization The British incroporated teh Maya into the social structure of the colony Mahogany exploitation required more slaves Slave Revolt After Slavery - Controloing Labor force Garifuna Indentured workers Nationalism Land reform Belize-Guat National symbols 
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Ethnicity and Nation in Belize PDF

Reflections on Ethnicity and Nation in BelizeAssad Shoman

Inside: Introduction PART 1 British Imperialism and the creation of Creole culture Nationalism and its Effects Aliens Lay Bare Underlying Tensions PART 2 Race, ethnicity and nation Ethnicity in the Belizean State: Weapon, Shield or Camouflage? Indigenous Rights and ―One Nation: Irreconcilable Differences?  Missed Opportunities, Bad Turns, Future Shifts APPENDIX Constructing the ―Creole‖ identity: the ―myth of origin‖ Bibliography
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Protected Areas Assessment PDF

Protected Areas System Assessment & Analysis: PA analys; Meerman J. C. - August 2005    

Inside:  Introduction Bird Sanctuaries Archaeological Reserves Extractive Reserves Conservation management categories Private protected areas Total overview of protected areas statistics Conclusion 
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Bruckdown Magazine

Bruckdown: The Magazine of Belize Free at Last?  Number 5, V 1 Inside:  The long and short of a great whisky Stop Press Hoy Independencia, Manana Que?  Inside, Meet the Press (part 2) The Mudflap Blues Notice to readers All hail Orion by Robert Nicolait Third World Commics Art: Alive and well in Belize by Gayle Nicholas Newswatch
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Legal Opinion on Guatemala's Territorial Claim to Belize

Ebook: Legal Opinion on Guatemala's Territorial Claim to Belize Download Here

The Battle of St. George’s Cay, 1969 in 1898 (Letter to the Editor)

Letter to the Editor:
The Battle of St. George’s Cay, 1969 in 1898
I can recall first reading Knowing Down Our Own Thing about three years ago. I was captured by the opening lines “The masters of any society, legitimate or illegitimate, have the power to shape historical accounts of events to suit their ends”.
The next day I found myself purchasing a copy of X Communication (1995). The writing style captured my interest as did the life experiences balanced with some humour.
My focus, however, is to address issues which over the years came as a result of ‘fine tuning’ the perspective of the battle (“Tenth Perspective”, Amandala, 2007).
In 1969, you argued that the celebrations of Battle came about through the efforts of “the sycophantic Creole bourgeoisie” to legitimize their “supremacy in the civil service” (1995, 1).
You see, your 1969 thesis matches perfectly in the events of 1898 and deserve to be expounded upon.
At the time of your writing, you were not deeply interested in all the de…

"Okay for Now" Book Review

Okay for Now by  (2010) is an intriguing novel. This is coming from someone who doesn't generally read novels. 

However, I decided to relax my mind from reading another academic work in favor of a novel. This is much needed if you reach a point of dreaming that you are stealing a couple history books from a store. History Books! Then again, my history professor would remark that if you want to be a historian you gatta sleep and eat history. 

I read the entire novel today, which was rather surprising on my part. I usually don't complete most novels I start reading. I won't go though all the basic features of a book review, many of those are online. 

Setting: "Stupid Marysville" NY, USA. 1968-69

Schmidt was able to craft up quite a piece in his novel. He infused many themes that led me from smiling to sadden then smiling again. Thus, the title Okay for NOW. Life has many challenges and no one knows this better that fourteen year old Douglas. His life is …

National Gringos Day

Today, as I participated in the painting of a park on North Front Street, Belize City, I realized that perhaps, a more down to earth way of saying "National Service Day" is "National Gringos Day" . 

In Belize, volunteerism is not something we regularly chose to do. They are many organizations both governmental and non-governmental organizations which depend on foreigners to come to our assistance. They bring a passion for service, gifts, and cash. People tend to admire these "white people". They're generally very welcomed into our communities and homes.

From my experience, most volunteers are from the United States. They're service in Belize helps in the success of many projects and social services provided in our country today. They assist in the construction of churches and services such as care for the orphans.

At times, I wonder how this impacts our social psyche, creating a sense of dependency, This dependency I've observed causes people …

Captured and Freed

The September 15th 1779 Capture of Caio Cosina (St. George's Cay) 
by Rolando Cocom
The settlers of Belize, then known as the Bay of Honduras, endured several attacks by the Spaniards before the infamous Battle of St. George's Cay. There were attacks in 1716, 1724, 1733, 1747, 1751, 1754, 1779 and the aforementioned Battle of 1798 (Shoman 2000, 28; Burdon, 1931, 128-129). 
The September 15th 1779 attack, however, is significant for various reasons such as:  1. The Baymen along with their ‘property’ (boats, enslaved Africans) were captured and imprisoned 2. The Bay (Belize) remained virtually uninhibited from 1779 - 783/1787 3. It impacted the development of the 1783 Treaty of Versailles  4. It influenced the Settlers decisions and desire to defend or evacuate the Settlement in 1797-98 5. It demonstrated the role of the Bay (Belize) as a marginal colony in Anglo-Spanish policy and  6. It likely was one of the greatest occasions of runaways in Belizean history  
The …