The R. Hon. George Price: Books/Articles/Images

These are some downloadable sources on the late R. Hon. George Price:

1. George Price: Journey of a Belizean Hero by Meg Craig and Yasser Musa - Download Here
2. The Right HON. GEORGE CADLE PRICE: A Timeline of his life and the Struggle for Independence by Myrtle Palacio  - READ Here 

3. George Price: Assessing his place in the Canon of Caribbean, Colonial-Era Political Leaders by Godfrey P. Smith – Download Here 

4. Eulogy to the Rt. Hon. George-Price by Mr. John Waight - Download Here 

5. Honoring the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price, Father of the Nation, State Funeral Service Address, by Hon. Dean Borrow, Prime Minister of Belize - Download Here 

6. Farewell to Rt. Hon. George Price by Amandala - Download Here 

Additionally, The George Price Centre for Peace and Development also has excellent resources on the R. Hon George Price 

   George Price Parents
More Images are also availabe at GPC - Click Here

Credits: ISCR/NICH/BARS/NHL - Download Heroes and Benefactors Exhibit  from

"The George Price In Us" - Mc Blas & Lucille Mendez. The song has a few questionable phrases. Nonetheless, very nice.

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