Ambassador Shoman and Fred Martinez talks about going to the ICJ

Belize's former Ambassador and Belizean historian Assad Shoman along with Alfredo Martinez (Ambassador of Belize to Guatemala) render their views on going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) as a final resolution to end Guatemala's unfounded claim over Belize.

Interestingly, Shoman says the Gov has a copy of an unpublished legal opinion Guat had received which advised them Guatemala did not have a case against Belize. This is unlike Belize legal opinion that is available in the public domain and which argues the same, ie. Guatemala has no case over Belize.

It would be good if we can get a hold of Guatemala's legal opinion.

Shoman also promises to make a publication on Belize-Guat free of charge by Feb 2013.

Belize and Guatemala will hold a referendum in 2013 to decide whether or not to take the case before the ICJ for final resolution.

Video from Open Your Eyes (Shoman segment starts at 45 minutes in):

Video from Lovefm/tv:


  1. Might want to mention that the ICJ segment starts at 45 minutes into Open Your Eyes video.


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