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World Begins Anew, Caracol Winter Solstice

The World Begins Anew
As part of the 2012 year of activities, the National Institute of Culture and History organized overnight cultural tour experiences of the equinoxes and solstices at the site of Caracol in the Pine Ridge Reserve of Cayo, Belize.

We were given a tour by three of Belize’s senior archaeologists Dr. Alan Moore, Dr. Jaime Awe, and Dr. John Morris.
After a delicious dinner buffet of coco-soup, chaya bollos, chicken and pork pibil, corn tortillas, and tamalitos, we were given an excellent 2-part presentation on the Maya Worldview of 2012 and an overview of the work conducted and knowledge attained thus far of the splendid city-state of Caracol.
At the sound of the drum and flute around 3am on 21 December, the Shamans (spiritual guides), Maya elders, children and youth made their way to the A Structure, more commonly known as the E-Group.
The E-Groups are structures that were designed by the ancient Maya to map the movement of the sun during the yearly equinoxes and so…