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On youth consciousness: Comments on Belize’s democracy

In a recent article from the publisher, Evan X Hyde renders a motivational epilogue to young people which I enjoyed reading (seeMay 24, 2013). Indeed, the editor also recently made similar remarks on the role of the youth for a more democratic Belize (seeMay 17, 2013).
I center these comments on the phrase “Consciousness of being versus being conscious.” – A phrase which still puzzles me ever since I first heard it during a session with a brilliant historian at UB. It speaks of a difference between two levels of thought life. It is between lower levels versus higher levels of thinking. One refers to a level of thought which accepts circumstances at face value. This is being conscious, being alive. On the other hand, consciousness of being refers to a level of thought which examines why we are faced with such circumstances in the first place. The higher level seeks to deconstruct and problematize the assumptions we take for granted. Regrettably, it is this higher level which our current…