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Artists for Peace Protest Israeli Training

On your clothing is found the blood of the poor who could not be blamed. You did not find them breaking in. But even with all these things,you say, I am not guilty. 
 Israel Never Supported Belize“Israel never supported the resolution that we put every year from 1975 to 1980 in support of our independence. In 1982 at last we got the United States of America to support us, but still Israel which usually does what United States said and vice versa still Israel refused to support us and they still did not and never did support any resolution for Belize’s independence. And there is a reason for that, it is because of Israel that the regime of Guatemala, the government, the military was able to survive because in 1977 when Carter put up a ban against selling arms to Guatemala because of the human rights record as well as the situation with Belize, the government had nowhere to go and would have lost the war against the guerilla who supported us by the way, who supported our independence and…